Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Delightfully Thrilling and Suspenseful Read

Body of Evidence (Kay Scarpetta #2) by Patricia Cornwell (1991; Pocket, 2004, 416pp.)

When Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta is called to examine the body of Beryl Madison, a reclusive writer murdered in her own home, she once again goes above and beyond the call of duty to solve the case. After learning that someone scratched the shape of a heart onto the side of Beryl’s car in addition to making several obscene phone calls to her house before her death, Scarpetta can only conclude that the crime was committed by someone fanatically in love with the deceased, someone who would kill to possess her. But the killing isn’t over just yet. Beryl’s murderer considers his victim his “property,” and seeks to destroy all those affiliated with her--including those working on her murder case! Like its predecessor, Post-Mortem, Body of Evidence is a delightfully thrilling and suspenseful read. However, this creepy thriller is not without its flaws. Scarpetta’s reminisces over her past love life prove to be a bit tedious, although the return of one of her former lovers eventually proves pertinent to the plot. That aside, this one-sitting read is definitely not to be missed.

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