Monday, May 2, 2011

An Original Take on a Lesser-Known Biblical Figure

Noah’s Wife by T.K. Thorne (Chalet Publishers, 2009, 366pp.)

All Christians are familiar with the Biblical story of Noah, the boat-maker. God forewarned Noah of a cataclysmic flood and told him to build a massive ark. The neighbors made fun--but in the end? The ark floated. They didn’t. Thorne’s debut novel recreates this tale through the eyes of Noah’s wife, Na’amah. An eccentric young woman, Na’amah desires nothing more than to live the simple life of a shepherdess. While most people dismiss her all too quickly as an oddball, she finds love and support with the two men who appreciate her for her unique nature: the gentle Noah, who is several years her senior, and Yanner, her childhood friend who is desperate to win her love. When Na’amah rejects Yanner’s efforts in favor of Noah, Yanner turns to her angry, malicious older brother, Tubal, for help. Noah’s Wife greatly benefits from Thorne’s decision to tell the story in first person. Na’amah’s voice flows through the novel to produce a work that is both imaginative and original. In addition to being graced with a quick-witted, resourceful heroine, the novel also boasts a cast of sympathetic and complex supporting characters. This creative take on a little-known Biblical figure, along with its prehistorical setting, will appeal to fans of The Mists of Avalon and The Clan of the Cave Bear.

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