Friday, December 30, 2011

An Excellent Adventure Story That Will Appeal to Any Fan of Science Fiction

The Human Race by O.C. Heaton (Rookwood Publishing, 2009, 448pp.)

The year is 2003. Jakob Arnarsson, an Icelandic scientist, spent years developing a form of teleportation technology. It’s an invention that would render all methods of transportation obsolete, effectively ending manmade pollution. Although a devoted conservationist, he never released his findings during his lifetime. His daughter Uma, the sole guardian of this technology, is equally devoted to the green cause. Determined to find a way to market the invention on a global scale, she approaches conscientious billionaire and philanthropist Ethan Rae for help with her scheme. Three thousand miles away, Samuel Reynolds III, the American CEO of an airline teetering on the verge of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, catches wind of their plans, and takes steps to steal the technology from them.

This is a book with an amazing premise. What if teleportation became an everyday occurrence? How would it affect our everyday lives? Heaton covers absolutely every single angle that can be thought of: how it would affect basic transportation, what it would cost to set up this technology, how you would market this service, and the potential attitudes from corporations who have everything to lose - or gain - from this invention. The first book in a new trilogy, The Human Race is an excellent adventure story that will appeal to any fan of science fiction.


  1. Hi Liz, what a pleasant start to 2012 to come back from my holiday and read your review of The Human Race. As a writer its always nice to get feedback of any sort but when its positive, even better!

    When The Human Race was launched back in 2009 I never realised how important reviews would become to the book's success but over the last couple of years the word has been slowly spreading as more and more readers readers discover it. A large part of that is down to bloggers reviews so a big thankyou. I think its called a 'slow burner' in the trade!

    On another note I've just put the finishing touches to the sequel and that is slated for release in July of this year. I'm now on with the final instalment.

    Many thanks once again and good luck with your reading in 2012!

  2. OC,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read and review this wonderful piece!

    Best wishes,
    Liz Winn