Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Enjoyable, Chuckle-Worthy Read

Fangs Out (Cordell Logan #2) by David Freed (Permanent Press, 2013, 270pp.)
“There’s an expression among fighter jocks...the adrenaline-fueled determination to close with the enemy and destroy him. They call it, Fangs out.’ ” (136)
This second installment in the Cordell Logan series begins with the death by lethal injection of Dorian Munz, convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend, Ruth Walker, a decade earlier. Before his execution, however, Munz uses his final minutes to accuse technical giant Greg Castle, not only of committing the murder he’s about to die for, but also of stealing money from the government. Months later, the accusations have taken their toll on Castle Robotics: stocks have plummeted, and relations with the Pentagon, which frequently contracts the company for their work in nano technology, are in danger of souring. Hub Walker, Ruth’s father and Castle’s friend, asks former black ops agent-turned-Buddhist flight instructor Cordell Logan to put matters to rest on Castle’s behalf. Logan’s smart-ass commentary and shrewd detective work on the case make this sequel to Flat Spin an enjoyable, chuckle-worthy read.

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