Monday, July 15, 2013


Angels Fall by Nora Roberts (Jove, 2007, 464pp.)

After two years of major therapy neglects to heal the psychic wounds afflicted by a horrific tragedy, Boston-born chef Reece Gilmore flees to the remote town of Angel’s Fist, Wyoming, looking to find peace. Although at first welcomed by the community, things take a turn for the worse after she witnesses a murder that leaves no body behind, and few clues to prove that it even happened. When the truth comes out that she’s a recovering trauma victim, this only hurts her credibility. Only Brody, a snarky former reporter-turned-mystery novelist, believes her enough to help her solve the crime.

I was originally a bit skeptical once I started the book (I picked it up after my Book Lover’s Calendar suggested it) but I’d have to say, I’m suitably impressed. The mystery is engaging, and while Reece, as a heroine, could have been fleshed out a little more, the supporting cast was very well-rounded, and the love interest, Brody, was amusing and definitely likable. I would recommend this to any fan of romantic suspense.

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