Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cozy & Predictable

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Hello, readers! Heat up some chili and get ready for winter with this week’s post.

In the Dead of Winter (Ivy Towers Mysteries #1) by Nancy Mehl (2008; Greenbrier Book Co., 2011, 235pp.)

Ivy “Sam” Towers returns home from college to Winter Break, Kansas, after she gets word that her beloved Aunt Bitty has died. She apparently took a fall from the rolling ladder in her antiquarian bookstore—but the thing is, Bitty was extremely spry for a woman her age. So was it an accident, or could it be...murder? A comfortable combination of cozy mystery and Christian fiction, this first installment in the Ivy Towers Mystery Series documents Ivy’s amateur sleuth attempts, as well as her spiritual struggles. A semester away from finishing college, she’s conflicted about what she should do after graduation: move back home to Winter Break and take over Aunt Bitty’s bookstore, or accept a comfy job offer in bustling Denver? What exactly is God’s plan for her? While Mehl’s novel is not stupendous, it’s certainly not bad, either. Although it never strays far from predictable cozy territory, overall it’s a nice, light little read that you could easily recommend to your grandmother, or read on an airplane.

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