Monday, June 15, 2015

Awesome Conclusion to a Series of "Meh" Quality

Source: Goodreads

A Host of Dragons (Dragon DelaSangre #4) by Alan F. Troop (Roc, 2006, 352pp.)

Two years after the unfortunate events of The Seadragon’s Daughter, Peter finds himself with two very big problems: the first is that his wife, Chloe, still hasn't forgiven him for mating with the seadragon, Lorrel. The second: a European dragon clan has arrived in Miami with claims that his brother-in-law, Derek, has eloped with one of their coveted females. Unless Peter agrees to betray his brother-in-law and help restore the bride to her rightful betrothed, the clan will kill him, and everyone he loves.

Some series start out great, and then gradually get worse. Troop’s series, I’d have to say, does the opposite. It starts out with The Dragon DelaSangre (a fresh spin on an old idea, tarnished by unlikeable protagonists); continues with Dragon Moon (characters are more sympathetic, and Troop’s take on dragon culture is still interesting); follows up with The Seadragon’s Daughter (the plot is ridiculous, but still entertaining in a beach-read sort of way); and ends with A Host of Dragons, by far the best in the series. Host boasts a great plot and developed characters that you can’t help but care about—and since Book 4 appears to be the last in the series, the reader has no guarantee that Peter or his family will survive this latest assault on their turf. Recommended for readers who love dark, edgy urban fantasy, and who aren’t put off by dragons with an iffy sense of morality.

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