Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Delightful Short Novel of Sex, Magic, and Scandal in a Small Town

The Concubine’s Gift by K. Ford K. (Self-Published, 2011, 230pp.)

The little town of Valentine, Nevada is known for its bordellos, although some of the more conservative townsfolk would like to rectify this. Bernice Babbitt, a middle-aged mother, owns a motel here with her husband. The daughter of the town minister, she grew up in a strict environment, an obedient, straight-laced daughter who wanted nothing more than to please others. But Bernice has a secret: she is an avid collector of erotica. Her latest addition is an antique make-up case once owned by Blissful Night, a famous Chinese concubine who earned the title of “sexual psychic” by knowing exactly what her partners wanted in bed. After acquiring the make-up case, Bernice begins to experience visions of sexually frustrated couples and exactly what they can do to solve their troubles. The only way to make these visions go away is for her to reveal what she has seen to these unsuspecting persons - most of whom happily rush to act on her suggestions. But not everyone is happy with Bernice, the new “sexual psychic” of Valentine, Nevada - including her prudish mother and the entire church congregation. Why is Bernice having these visions? How can she make them stop? A delightful short novel of sex, magic, and scandal in a small town.


  1. A sexual psychic? Very interesting. Great synopsis.

  2. I wish I had that ability!