Monday, June 4, 2012

If You Favor Plot-Crafting Over Character Development, This Fantasy is For You

The Brotherhood of Piaxia by Michael Drakich (Traanu Enterprises, 2011, 294pp.)

Twenty years ago, in the land of Piaxia, the corrupt royal family was put to the sword by a group of determined warlocks known as the Brotherhood. In the present, the now-ruling warlocks each hold sway over individual towns. The story begins when Kurmia, warlock lord of the town of Lia, takes steps to eliminate the other warlocks and assume the title of emperor over the land of Piaxia. Soon, rumors arise that as least one royal family member survived the slaughter years ago, one who now has a rightful claim to the throne. Among the many searching for this long-lost princess—and a way to halt Kurmia’s climb to power—is Master Capolidu, master trainer of the Brotherhood, his brave apprentice, a shepherd with mysterious powers, and a crafty merchant. The plot builds slowly, and the royal survivor element, which was the driving interest factor for me, personally, is introduced quite a ways into the story. While it’s a perfectly nice plot-driven fantasy, very few of the characters stood out to me at all—a major flaw in my mind, at least. But for those who don’t mind a story that focuses on plot-crafting rather than character development, this story is for you.

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