Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Voodoo Ridge

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Voodoo Ridge (Cordell Logan Mysteries #3) by David Freed (The Permanent Press, 2014, 240pp.)

In 1956, an armed gunman uses a commandeered plane from a Los Angeles airport to make a fast getaway with a crate full of top-secret government equipment. Decades later, Cordell Logan and his ex-wife, Savannah, are flying into Lake Tahoe to get remarried when they spy the remains of a downed plane on Voodoo Ridge, a secluded area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Despite Savannah’s disgruntled protests, Logan postpones renewing his marriage vows to hike out to the crash site with the local police department. Fun, intense, and fast-paced, Voodoo Ridge is another satisfying installment in the “Cordell Logan” mystery series.

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